My first box ever

When I first came across the idea of a box full of surprise goodies delivered to your door, I was totally intrigued.  Subscription boxes fascinated me and I finally couldn’t resist it any more and ordered my 1st box ever.

I scanned the internet in search of options in South Africa, but could only find a handful after long searches.   The business of subscription boxes is huge overseas with literally hundreds of options, but here is SA it’s quite difficult to find them.  That’s why I created this page to help you out.  I wanted to try as many as I could and give you honest feedback.

I’ll be your box crash test dummy – it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, lol.

For my first subscription box I was looking for something my whole family could enjoy.  I struck gold when I found Sweetiebox and placed my first order.  Then the wait …

Sweetiebox packs and send out their sweetie subscription boxes every first week of the month, so it’s safe to say that your box will be delivered in the second week of the month.  (Mine arrived on a Monday morning, the 11th.)

Now here’s the thing – my husband has the sweetest tooth of all in my house, followed very closely by our two children.  I knew I had to beat them to the door when the delivery guy arrived, lol.

The morning that the package arrived my daughter (10 years old) was actually off sick from school.  As I started to open the package you would have never suspected that she was sick at all.   My husband and daughter where circling like flies around a trash can, saying “Open it!  Open it!” as I wasn’t going fast enough for them.  By excitement value alone, this box was already worth it.

Here’s what we found inside our first Sweetiebox:

Tub of Watermelon slices candies

Tub of Blue Sharks

Tub of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites

Mini Pink Pies

Cinnamon and white Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle

Roses Handmade Nougat

“Wait I have to take photo’s”  I had to say as my family dug in.  The excitement was just that high.  I never managed to take some decent styled photo’s, I guess I’ll have to act fast when the next box arrives.

Favourites from this box:  My kids absolutely loved the blue sharks, while my husband’s favourite was the Peanut butter cups and the Brittle, I took off with the most divine handmade Nougat… and I didn’t share.  lol

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