Stunning Accessories – The Box Fashion Spring 2018

The Box Fashion is the first and only local accessories membership service company that provides their clients with the latest fashion pieces and styling advice, all delivered to your doorstep in a box.

The right accessories can work wonders with any outfit and instantly breathe new life into your wardrobe.  It’s all about finding the best version of you and knowing what works for YOU.

Every quarter (season) you get to choose between 2 variations of the collection they put together.  For Spring 2018 the choice was between Blooming Dahlia and Sage Garden.   I chose Blooming Dahlia and here’s what I got.

Accessories Travel Bag

Keep all your bulkier jewellery pieces organised and protected in this travel bag.

Jewellery Pouch

Gone are the days where you spend hours untangling your necklaces from your earrings, rings and bangles.  With this Jewellery Pouch each piece has its own compartment.


This is a hand illustrated scarf that exudes femininity, sophistication and the perfect floral bouquet.

Pleated Scarf

The Pleated Scarf is slightly longer in length than the Neckerchief which makes it perfect to wear as a belt, head scarf or as an elegant statement around your neck.

Pearl Drops Earrings

Stunning 3D flower drop earrings, perfect for Spring.

Silver Studs Flower Earrings

These simplistic flower studs can be worn with any look for a touch of floral femininity.

Silver Pop Socket

Get the perfect grip on your phone with the Silver Pop Socket.

The Box Fashion also has an add on subscription available for little girls up to 12 years and a subscription for teen girls, which you can choose to add to your subscription.  I have added the little girls one for my own daughter.  I will share what she received in her package in my next post.