What’s inside Sweetiebox – May 2018


In case you missed it, here’s what was inside the absolutely yummy Sweetieboxes in May 2018.


Sour Octopuses: A real live Octopus is over 90% muscle has three hearts and nine brains, sounds impressive right? Yes, it most certainly is, but if you really want to be impressed by an Octopus, try one of these fruity flavoured gummies covered in a sour sugar coating! Eat them all in one go, or one tentacle at a time, its totally up to you!



Berry Gummy Fish: No fishing equipment needed to catch these fish! Just tear open the pack, stick your hand in, grab one of these little minnows, pop it in your mouth and enjoy the unique chewy texture and berry flavour.



Candy Corn: Invented in 1880 this awesome candy is extremely popular in the USA and it was originally called “chicken feed”. It is super tasty with a surprising texture and a mellocreme flavour…just be careful…once you start eating them… it is very difficult to stop!



Brookside Crunchy Clusters: Imported from the USA, these luxurious clusters contain multigrains and soft fruit flavoured pieces, tumbled in smooth dark chocolate. Just perfect for a warm night in on the couch as winter approaches!

Imported M&M Flavours: M&M’s were developed during the second world war so that soldiers would carry chocolate with them without it melting. Coming to you in Peanut Butter and White Chocolate…these are best M&M flavours that you have never tasted!

Almond Rocka Gourmet Popcorn: Delicious caramelized popcorn, covered in a smooth chocolate topping finished off with crunchy roasted almonds, yum!


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